Farewell, friends

by Ashley on November 28, 2011

Or, rather, see you soon!

I’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to Baby Mine and bring some of its family-focus over to Hither & Thither. Now that Hudson is here, exploring the city and beyond with us, it’s hard to know which personal stories belong where.

And then, let’s be honest, there’s the matter of actually writing two blogs.

So while I’m sorry to be leaving Baby Mine behind, I hope you will all continue to read along with me at www.hitherandthither.net; I have really enjoyed your company here.


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Four months

by Ashley on November 17, 2011

Hudson is four months old today. I realized that it was also exactly a year ago today–the Thursday before Thanksgiving–that we learned he was on his way. I can’t believe he is four months old, but I really can’t believe he has been in our lives for a year.

This week has been a tough one. I’m pretty sure Hudson caught my cold and that, combined with his new sound–something between a screech and a scream (ouch!)–has made for some very long days. The screaming started a week or two ago; sometimes it comes out to mean he is excited about something, but more often than not it means he is frustrated or getting tired. With his cold, he gets tired pretty quick.

It has also been the second week of Aron’s new schedule. He’s at a different hospital for the next four months and he needs to be at work at 5:45am and then doesn’t usually get home until 8 o’clock that night. So Hudson and I are pretty much on our own these days. I feel sorry for all three of us, but especially Aron.

Overall, however, this month has been pretty amazing. The biggest change, right after he turned three months old, was that Hudson started going down to sleep in his crib at night (without crying) and sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours! It meant that we had our first night out with a babysitter. Since then, we’ve even had one night of 10 hours straight (but 6 or 7 is still more common). He wants to go to bed around 6pm and wake up at 5am, however–so we’ll have to work on that one day. We celebrated his first Halloween and Aron’s birthday, cheered on runners and escaped falling branches in a freak October snow storm, and we took some family photos on the Highline. The car seat ceased to be known as the “dreaded car seat” and is now just for the car: we’ve graduated to the chair in the stroller.

His first week this month brought lots of kicking. Once he discovered his toes, he started to figure out how to use those feet! And sometimes he waves his arms and legs so frantically that it’s as if he is  making “snow angels” in the comforter. He also rolled over! For about two or three days, it was all he would do. I would put him on his back and–pop–over he’d go. He’d end up on his tummy, look around proudly, and then start to squeal in frustration. He has taken a break from rolling over since then, but I think it might be time for me to think more seriously about baby-proofing. This is all going faster than I’d expected!

One of my favorite new things (that I’m sure I’ll feel differently about soon enough) is his starting to grab for things–especially my face. I love watching him examine my face when I bring it close to his and then feel him reach up with tiny little outstretched hands to feel my lips and nose and cheeks. And of course, I love making him smile.

Oh, yes… And taking lots of pictures.


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Danger, danger

by Ashley on November 17, 2011

Aron’s words when I announced that JCrew now sells things for babies. Don’t worry–no cashmere sweaters in Hudson’s immediate future. But I’ll be watching.

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Alison Gopnik

by Ashley on November 15, 2011

PJ posted this wonderful video of Alison Gopnik’s talk at TED, about how babies think and learn.  I find this sort of thing endlessly fascinating. I’ve recounted parts about empathy to a few people now, and the bit about our saying babies and children are “bad at paying attention” when in fact they are actually bad at NOT paying attention really resonates: sometimes–especially on walks outside–I have to help Hudson physically close his eyes by stroking his forehead.

[via Bunny & Dolly]


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Alphabet rings

by Ashley on November 11, 2011

Catbird, a jewelry shop in Williamsburg, has lovely little gift guides–including one for new moms. My favorite are the delicate little alphabet rings.  A good friend is about to (any moment now) have baby #3; wouldn’t it be sweet to wear three stacked rings, one with each child’s initial?

[images via catbird]

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by Ashley on November 9, 2011

One of the things you read or hear about a lot when you’re pregnant is that, at some point after the baby is born, all of your hair is going to start falling out. I thought I was in the clear–no bald spots yet–but I do seem to be shedding more than usual. I’m pulling hairs off of Hudson left and right.

What makes it worse is that I keep remembering this horrible warning I read a while back, something to the effect of: “if your baby is crying and there is no obvious reason (wet, sleepy, hungry), look for hairs wrapped around his or her finger or around his penis that might be cutting off circulation and causing pain.”

Wait… what!? I reported this to Aron, horrified at all the ways baby care books conspire to terrify you that you’re going to kill your child, and he has since enjoyed torturing me further by pretending to sometimes find such hairs. He’ll come back from calming Hudson and explain that he removed one.

So it’s not cool that my hair is now everywhere. Not cool at all. I’m breaking out the lint roller for pet hair (one of those kinds I used to scoff at when advertised as a substitute for vacuuming, in places like the Container Store) and using it on his playmat–and sometimes on him. Funny thing is, I think he kind of likes it!


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Many of you have asked about our registry, and the items we have found most valuable thus far. So with the giant caveat that we’re only a few months in on this whole “Oh my goodness, we have a son!” bit, here’s my list…

Crib: Remember the closet that became the nursery? Only this crib would fit. So we were so grateful to get one used, with lots of the accessories (you need a mattress, 1-2 mattress pads, and 2-3 fitted sheets), at a bargain. That said, we only started using it recently. After a few nights home, we rushed out to buy the Summer Infant Sleeper; he slept in it, between us, for a couple of months. We also used the co-sleeper on trips in lieu of a travel crib (though this Nest Bedwas what we had originally planned to get for that purpose).

Swaddle Blankets: We chose Aden+Anais (these beautiful ones) and have loved using them… for most things besides swaddling. For that we use the Miracle Blanket. Hudson was like Houdini with everything else and slept twice as long as usual on the first night we tried it. We bought a second one immediately.

Stroller: Bugaboo Bee (along with the Maxi Cosi car seat adapter, infant cocoon, and Cup Holder). I feel like coming to a decision on a stroller is a post in itself. More to come.

Car Seat: We borrowed a Maxi-Cosi
infant car seat from friends. I especially like how easily the Maxi Cosi car seat adapters attach to (and detach from) the Bugaboo Bee Base. That said, some friends have mentioned that other car seats have easier buckle mechanisms. I can’t say we tried any others after learning we could borrow this one. (Also for the car: Sunshades and a rear view mirror; and for the car seat on the stroller: UppaBaby cabana )

Carriers: Ergo Baby Carrier (with infant insert), and Sakura Bloom Ring Sling in Linen. Hudson was born in July and it was was over 100 degrees in the shade on the day of his first pediatrician appointment, so we were really happy to have the linen sling those first few weeks. I would alternate between the stroller and the sling, but often found wearing Hudson to be easier than pushing him on crowded New York sidewalks (and you can nurse discreetly in the sling–even while walking!). Once he got heavier and the days grew cooler, I found myself using the Ergo more often. It keeps the weight on my hips and can be used on the front or back once he’s older (though he can’t face out). I especially appreciate that it has zipper pockets for me and a little hood for shading him.

Bouncy Chair: We borrowed the Oeuf Bouncy chair. I think the Bjorn Balance or the Maclaren would also be good options. At first, I wasn’t sure this would be very useful (he couldn’t make it bounce and it was too upright for him)–but now he uses it all the time. He loves to sit in the center of the action and look around from his chair and I love knowing that he’s safely strapped in.

Swing: This is a gray area. We thought we were firmly in the no-swing camp (especially since we have no space). But a few nights of Aron swinging the car seat back and forth to calm Hudson down sent us scurrying to the store for a small, slightly hideous swing. It had none of the calming effects of the dad’s car seat swing, but it did distract him for a while. Still, we ditched it last week after only a handful of uses. Who knows if a larger swing would have been the answer or whether a rocking chair would have been a great addition–I did inflate the birthing ball for some bouncing on occasion–but we just don’t have the space (and have luckily moved out of the need-to-be-bounced-to-sleep stage).

First Aid: We registered for the Safety 1st Healthcare and Grooming Kit. I use the nail clippers all the time, always while he’s eating. It takes forever to clip his nails because he flexes his hand constantly, but I love holding his fingers around my thumb and being his salon. We have Infant Tylenol on hand for vaccinations and Vitamin D supplements (as recommended by our pediatrician). We also have a humidifier and a Nosefrida–both yet to be used.

Bath: We borrowed the Puj Tub from a friend. I can see why people love this easy-to-fold, easy-to-store tub, but the truth is–Hudson didn’t love it. We think he got too cold being so out of the water. Instead, I get in the tub with him and we have bathtime together. I also don’t bathe him that often and I think his skin looks great. We have two super-cute robes and some great Mustela bath products, but sometimes I just use Cetaphil and a bath towel. And one day, when he’s in the bath on his own, I’d like this kneeling pad.

Diapers: We were glad we had a box of Newborn diapers waiting for us at home, even though we still needed to place an order with diapers.com almost immediately (you fly through these). We use free & clear wipes and Aquaphor.

Breast Pump: I have the Simplisse Double Electric Pump, but find that I generally prefer to use my small, Medela Manual Breast Pump on occasions when I want to express. I’m sure I would feel differently if I needed to be apart from Hudson more often.

Bottles: We have the Born Free bottles with air vents for gas. I’d love to get some of the glass ones.

Pacifiers: Not all babies like pacifiers, but Hudson used to need them to get to sleep (and still likes them when napping on-the-go); we have liked GumDrop Newborn. Confession–we tried Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water to see if they’d ease his gassy tummy and found them to mostly useful for causing him to suck harder on his pacifier (very soothing). The combination of a few drops of Gripe water and a pacifier was a lifesaver on our road trip, helping him to fall asleep in the dreaded car seat.

White Noise: Joanna recommended the Marpac SleepMate . I like that it stays on all night and makes us feel more comfortable moving around the apartment after he’s asleep.

Fan: We didn’t move Hudson into his crib until we had one. Good circulation reduces the risk of SIDS.

Baby Timer: There’s the Itzbeen , or–if you have a smartphone–there are half a dozen apps. We use BabyTimer on the iphone and I’m hooked. I no longer need to keep so close an eye on his feedings or diaper changes, but I am obsessed with tracking his sleep patterns. It’s great to have something like this for when the pediatrician asks you about details.

Toys: Skip Hop Activity Mat, Activity Mirror, and Sophie the Giraffe. He loves his activity mat (even the crazy, ugly squirrel), and I’ve loved watching him bat at, then grab for the little dangling “friends” above. He has some other toys (we put him to sleep with Mr. Scrapopulous, and of course there’s Mr. Elephant), but we have tried to keep toys at a minimum–especially since he doesn’t take much interest in the ones he has yet, and we have zero space left in our apartment. In theory, I would love for him to have only beautiful knit and wood toys, but we found ourselves in Babies R Us buying the most hideous butterfly with dayglow and rings and black and white stripes and mirrors and… all kinds of stimulating devices… not too long ago.

Books for Hudson: We didn’t register for any books, but I was still surprised that Hudson didn’t get very many. I wish he’d gotten more books and fewer clothes, but I’m not sure how one influences such things. I went out and got him The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book recently and he seems to really like it–especially because he can turn the thick pages. Our neighbor got us Goodnight Moon and we read it before bed every night. I can’t imagine our bedtime routine without it. So far the baby books we have are my favorite toys.

Books for us: Like most new parents these days, we are big fans of The Happiest Baby on the Block. We also have about half-a-dozen books on sleep that we read/skimmed trying to figure out where we stood on the whole parent-led/baby-led sleep issue (Ferber’s descriptions of sleep associations were most helpful in getting our bedtime routine down). We’ve also like Jo Frost’s book and the What to Expect the First Year (both gifts), and I would recommend a book on breastfeeding if that’s your plan. I’m often skimming books at Barnes & Noble or looking at AAP or Mayo Clinic or Baby Center online regarding milestones and care guidelines.

Burp Cloths: It seems we can never have too many of these. Cloth diapers work great, but we also have these super-soft ones from Giggle and a set from Aden + Anais that can become bibs when he’s older. They are my favorite–big and very absorbent–but the cloth diapers are more cost efficient.

Clothes: We didn’t register for any and still got a ton of clothes–far more than we needed for the summer. Most folks can’t resist picking out cute outfits for babies, and who can blame them? The only thing I might do differently? I might keep the sex of the baby a secret until after the shower. You might feel totally differently, but I’m not big on extra-gendered clothes (and actually love it most when babies wear white onesies). Hudson got a lot of shirts declaring him a “little slugger.”  I was especially happy to have some kimono-style shirts on hand for times I didn’t want to tug something over his head (like these Giggle Better Basics short sleeve onesies).

Diaper Bag: See here.

Breastfeeding pillow: I can’t imagine doing without the My Brest Friend pillow, lent to me by a friend. It made things so much easier. Now Hudson sits on my lap or lays beside me, but I used that pillow non-stop in the first few months.

Memory keeping: We have been enjoying using this box. I also bought myself the 5 Year Diary which has small boxes for daily entries; I figured the limited lines would take some of the pressure off and make it easy to jot down simple notes like “Found toes!”

Tech: A really good camera and an IPad. I couldn’t do without our camera. And I was the very lucky recipient of an IPad when Hudson was born. I love being able to access the internet and read the newspaper with one hand. It’s better for consuming content then creating it, but I love it. I’m also incredibly grateful for AppleTV and streaming Netflix.

Bonus: It’s so awesome when friends and family help feed you in those first weeks. Our good friends sent us grocery delivery and we were so grateful.


What we haven’t missed (so far):

Diaper pail: We registered for (and were given) a Diaper Dekor, but ended up returning it when we saw how huge it looked in our apartment. Also, Hudson’s diapers don’t smell too bad yet and there’s a trash shoot in the hall, just a few doors down. We haven’t missed it (again with the caveat: yet).

Changing table: We first got a changing pad, but again found that it overtook our apartment. Instead, we brought home some of those waterproof pads from the hospital (we’re lucky that Aron can exchange them) and use the bed or floor as a changing station. We also use these for an easy-to-wash addition on many surfaces. Sometimes I wish I weren’t always bending down, but this has worked out just fine. I’m glad we decided to exchange the changing pad.

Baby monitor: We live in a studio apartment, so no need. But I do wish we had one for traveling.


We still plan to get:

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib
(and fitted sheet)

A high chair or maybe just the phil&teds Lobster Highchair to clip onto the table

A larger apartment


P.S. Many of you also had great suggestions in the comments on this post. Check it out for an additional reference.

[Images from giggle: ERGObaby Carrier, Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light, My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow, Puj Infant Sink Tub, Aden+Anais Swaddle Blankets via Baby Mine]

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Welcome, sponsor: Kat Cameron Illustration

by Ashley on November 2, 2011

I’m excited to introduce you to one of Baby Mine’s sponsors, Kat Cameron, an illustrator from South Africa, based in Barcelona.
Check out her shop, for limited edition prints–many of which would be great in a kids’ room. (I LOVE the French bulldog!)

shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/katcameron
web: http://www.katcameron.com
blog: http://katcameronillustration.wordpress.com

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First Halloween!

by Ashley on November 1, 2011

No trick-or-treating yet, but Hudson looked sweeter than any candy in his baby shark costume! We had so much fun walking around the village with him on Monday evening; he had no trouble baiting new friends.

[P.S. A few more family photos on Hither and Thither]

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Oeuf halloween

by Ashley on October 28, 2011

There are a host of good halloween inspiration round-ups floating around (Martha Stewart is always an impressive source–such cute homemade baby costumes), and I wish I could say that I got my act together to personally make something for Hudson but alas I’m still working on making dinner now-and-then.

If money weren’t an object (and–okay–if I thought he were old enough to wear something on his face), I would love to get us all little noses and tails from Oeuf. These are so cute.

What is everyone doing for Halloween? Any fun costume plans? We have something fun coming in the mail today, but with a size of “0-6 months,” I’m not holding my breath for a perfect fit.

[Mask and Tail Set images from Oeuf]

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